Friday, May 26, 2017

14 - Hacking the KANKUN SMART PLUG


- Layout for this exercise:

- In this exercise we will use a Phyton script written by 0x00string. It is available here:

- The Python script allows to control the Kankun Smart Plug form a computer connected to the same network (OK_SP3) created by the plug. 

- The script takes advantage of the AES key used by Kankun and discovered in the previous post.

- Let's open the script

- For the purpose of hacking the plug we need its MAC address:

- That MAC address must be introduced into the script as the variable RMAC:

- The usage of the script requires the parameter -a --action:

- Now, lets use with -a on:

- The red light goes on and the connected lamp turns on: 

- Using with -a off:

- The red light goes off and the connected lamp turns off: