Sunday, October 16, 2016

WI-FI PT / 2 - ATTACKS AGAINST INFRASTRUCTURE / 2.3 - Default accounts and credentials on APs

2.3 - Attack against default accounts and credentials on APs

- When a customer acquires an Access Point, the device usually has got default credentials provided by the manufacturer. For instance, for the Motorola AP used in this lab, the default username = admin, and password = motorola, as anybody can learn at the device's User Guide.

- It is a very important measure of security to change the default credentials of the AP, because the AP is the key element of a wireless network to be protected. Malicious access to the AP could result on the loss of the whole network.

- The process of introducing new credentials should be always done via Ethernet or wired connection, because otherwise a potential attacker could sniff and capture those credentials from the air. Actually, the User Guide provides guidelines for protecting the AP changing the default credentials:

- Moreover, in case of physical access to the AP, a malicious attacker could just reboot manually the device, resetting all the possible configuration introduced by the administrator. Then, default credentials would be working again, and access to the AP open for anybody knowing that information.