Friday, September 30, 2016

NETCAT / 2 - Bind Shell


- Layout topology for this exercise:

- In this exercise Netcat is used for remote administration, taking advantage of Netcat's command redirection abilities. 

2.1 - Bind shell on Kali Linux and connection from Windows

- The option -e specifies a filename to be executed after connection. 

- In this way, /bin/bash is bound to port TCP 4444, redirecting any input (stdin), output (stdout) and error (stderr) from /bin/bash to the network, instead of redirecting them to the default console. 

- The consequence is that anybody connecting to port TCP 4444 will be able to use Kali's command prompt, enabling remote administration:

2.2 - Bind shell on Windows and connection from Kali Linux

- In the same way than before, Windows binds cmd.exe command to port TCP 4444, redirecting stdin, stdout, stderr to the network:

- As a consequence, when Kali connects to Windows's port 4444 achieves a command prompt from Windows, enabling remote administration: