Tuesday, June 14, 2016

METASPLOIT - Port Forwarding


- Layout for this exercise:

- In this attack Kali wants to access a web server on the Linux victim machine, using XP system as a pivot..

- First of all, a meterpreter session is achieved by exploiting the XP machine:

- We learn that XP has got two interfaces. The second interface is connected to the inner network

- The active meterpreter session is number 1:

- Using session 1 to add a route to

- Printing the route:

- Scanning from the active meterpreter session 1:

- Once discovered a TCP port scanning is performed, from port 1 to 500:

- Now, portforwarding is enabled to access the victim (IP on port 80) from local port 9999. In this way the attacker would receive on localhost:9999 the web service from

- Actually, a local listening port has been created on 9999. The forwarding connection will forward web services from to localhost:9999, although attacker and victim are not directly connected because they are in different networks. The meterpreter session performs the connection in the background:

- The attack is successful when connecting the attacker's browser to localhost:9999:

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